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Japanese Cat Burglar caught in the act

You may have seen pet videos where dog owners discover their pup chewed up their shoes or shredded the sofa cushions.

Today’s story runs along similar lines, but the perpetrator is a cat and the offense was committed in plain sight of the owner.

The victim of today’s story is a Japanese Twitter user (@potechi_nikki) who lives with his four adorable feline friends.

Here’s Okome getting a ride to the vet.

Unagi is the newest addition to his family. Here’s post-shower Unagi battling the blow dryer.

Peek-a-boo! It’s Koyuki!

What cat doesn’t have fun in a box right?

Okay, now that you’ve been introduced to all the characters… what’s that? Yes, there’s four cats and I’m getting to the last one now.

The Catburgler

(@potechi_nikki) gets his username from his four cats.

So the final feline is Potechi, named for his owner’s favorite food (just a wild guess).

Potechi committed a crime and was caught on camera. Check out the video his owner posted on Twitter.

Despite the fact that the owner witnessed Potechi trying to steal his bread from the start, Potechi’s reaction at the end of the video seemed to express his indignation at being stripped of his prize.

The owner says he doesn’t usually lave food out where the cat can see it. Well, no wonder huh!

I wonder what the punishment for stealing is in Potechi’s home…

Thanks for reading as always and hope you had a laugh!

By - Mujo.