Fashion for your digits

On December 27th, 2021, Bushiroad Creative Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Bushiroad Co., Ltd., began selling its yubi zubon ゆびズボン lineup through its TAMA-KYU brand in capsule toy vending machines nationwide.

Although yubi zubon means "finger pants," the lineup includes a variety of bottoms in different styles.

You can choose from denim shorts...

...a checkered skirt...

...or three other finger fashion styles:

From left to right: pleated skirt, hakama (traditional Japanese trousers) and tracksuit shorts

Each one costs 200 JPY and is now available at capsule toy vending machines throughout Japan.

Fun for kids of all ages

Yubi zubon is the first capsule toy to be produced in a collaboration between Bushiroad Creative and monthly manga magazine CoroCoro Comic, published by Shogakukan, famous for serializing Doraemon and a manga adaptation of Pokémon.

The fact that the magazine's main target is elementary school-aged boys also gives you an idea of the likely target for yubi zubon and perhaps the other toys they are planning in this collaboration.

Based on an idea from gag manga artist Ogoshi

The idea apparently came to gag manga artist おごし Ogoshi one day as he was listening to music and tapping out a beat with his fingers.

There are endless possibilities with yubi zubon

You can wear them on your index finger and middle finger, you can wear them in layers, you can wear them on your right hand and all ten fingers of your left hand. The possibilities are endless!

Fashionable and warm fingers

Moreover, as Ogoshi explains, yubi zubon is not only fashionable, it can also keep your fingers warm, which is surely appreciated in the cold winter months.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's Ogoshi explaining it himself in a promotional video which you can view here:

For more information on yubi zubon, visit the official page on the TAMA-KYU website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.