This winter, a super famous instant udon brand 赤いきつね緑のたぬき Akai Kitsune Midori no Tanuki (Red Fox & Green Japanese Racoon) is running a collaboration with My Hero Academia!

What is udon?

Udon うどん is a Japanese noodle made from wheat flour. It’s white, chewy and thick. It can be served both hot and cold, so udon is a popular food all year round. Hot udon is especially good on cold winter days like recently.

Kitsune (fox) is a typical flavor of udon, but it doesn’t taste like fox! Kitsune refers to udon served with a sweet deep-fried tōfu pouch. It is believed that foxes are a good animal for business, and foxes love deep-fried tofu.

Tanuki (Japanese raccoon) is another popular udon flavor. It is topped with tempura batter pieces called 天かす tenkasu

What is the connection between My Hero Academia and instant udon?

You might think “Why is My hero academia collaborating with an instant udon product?” The manufacturer claims that the two have something in common.

They are both loved by many people and have given people many great experiences. Indeed, Maruchan's instant udon products, Akai Kitsune (red fox) and Midori no Tanuki (green Japanese raccoon) are very famous and have been enjoyed by countless numbers of Japanese people over the last 40 years. My Hero Academia is also very popular tale featuring personal development and cherishing memories as its core themes.

Collaboration videos

They have released two fun videos as part of the collaboration! The above video is for the Akai Kitsune (red fox) flavor. The video shows 緑谷 出久 Izuku Midoriya, the main character, who is overthinking why udon is really tasty. This is really fun!

The second video is for Midori no tanuki (green Japanese racoon). Compared to the funny red fox udon video, this version has a nostalgic atmosphere as Izuku looks back to his memories of the past.

This is a very good opportunity to enjoy one of the most famous Japanese foods, udon, and the popular anime, My Hero Academia at the same time. If you live in Japan or can find some where you live, buy some Akai kitsune or Midori no tanuki and watch the collaboration videos in your warm room!


By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).