Despite his strange looks and demeanour, Kaonashi (or No-Face) has become a favourite of Ghibli fans. This is evidenced by the string of awesome No-Face merchandise which has been released throughout the years by Donguri Kyowakoku, Japan’s official Studio Ghibli retailer.

Previously we’ve seen a Kaonashi piggy bank which swallows up all your coins, and even a No-Face shaped soy sauce bottle.

This latest Spirited Away release looks particularly magical, and will bring a Studio Ghibli charm to your interior design. It’s a No-Face figure holding a Japanese-style paper lantern (4290 yen). The lantern is emblazoned with the kanji ‘油’, abura, which is seen on a flag flying outside of the bathhouse in the film.

As it is a sensor light, it’s perfect for dark porches and stairways, so No-Face can kindly illuminate the way for you. It stays on for about 15 seconds when it has been activated, and the lantern can be removed from his hands to stop it lighting up when it is not needed.

Since Studio Ghibli celebrated 20 years since the release of Spirited Away during 2021, there’s even more awesome items being released. Another slightly odd offering is a piggy bank inspired by the kashira, a trio of brothers who work for Yubaba who appear as only large green heads (2640 yen).

If you buy three, you can even stack them on top of each other as they do in the movie.

These otherworldly goods can be found at branches of Donguri Kyowakoku in Japan, or ordered through their online store.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.