It’s time to get merry to celebrate a brand new year and a brand new start, and there’s plenty of tasty ways to do so. One beverage which won’t get you drunk but will help you start the year on a sweet note is Mos Burger’s ‘Dassai Mazeru Shake’.

Mos Burger is a Japanese burger chain found all over the country, and for this sake-inspired shake they have teamed up with Dassai, a famous sake brand. They chose to make the beverage non-alcoholic so that it can be appreciated by all ages, and by anyone who happens to be using the Mos Burger drive-through.

The base is made from Mos Burger’s vanilla shake and Dassai’s amazake (a sweet, non-alcoholic drink made from fermented rice), mixed with a Dassai sauce. The amazake is made with the Yamada Nishiki rice that they use for their alcoholic sake, giving the shake the same sweet and clean taste. There’s also a pinch of the same Patagonian salt that Mos Burger use on their fries, bringing out the subtle flavour of the Dassai sauce.

The drink was also released last year and they sold 200,000 shakes in just ten days. This year it went on sale on 28th December and will only be available until they run out.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.