Japanese jewellers U-Treasure have an incredibly wide range of themed pieces, based on popular series and characters such as Pokemon and Star Wars. These items don’t look garish or childish, so are perfect for people with nerdy interests who want to keep a stylish look while repping their favourite characters.

They even released Pokemon wedding rings, and have plenty of delicate and feminine necklaces featuring characters such as Jigglypuff and Snorlax. These are one way to express your love for your favourite Pokemon, but now you can make your Poke-jewellery even more personal with customisable name necklaces.

You can create your own design by choosing from the adorable Pokemon motifs available. There’s 21 to select from, including fan favourites like Pikachu, Piplup, Snorlax, Mew and all the Eeveelutions.

You can add a name, a date or some initials, then choose from one of four fonts for the design.

The necklaces are available in K18 white gold, K18 yellow gold, or K18 pink gold. Because of the customisation options, these necklaces would be the perfect gift for a fellow Pokemon trainer, or a way to boast your own allegiance to a certain Pocket Monster.

They can be ordered from the U-Treasure concept store in Ikebukuro or the U-Treasure online shop.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.