Adorable black shiba inu Monaka has gained quite a following on YouTube, thanks to a daily record of her friendship with a stray cat friend, Chaba.

These two four-legged friends also have two younger human brothers.

Monaka has especially taken to looking out for them since they were babies when they seem to be upset.

Check out how seriously Monaka takes her babysitting duties!

As the baby cries, Monaka howls trying to calm down the baby.

Thanks to Monaka’s tireless effort, you can see the baby stop crying momentarily, too.

In a different video, Monaka attends to the baby even when he’s not crying, and her gaze is so gentle and tender.

Many people were touched with this motherly love of Monaka towards the baby, leaving comments such as “It is as if they are talking through their eyes” “Motherly love beyond species” “This is actually making me cry”.

Monaka and her human brothers are growing up together even now, building a beautiful sibling relationship with one another.

You can tell that Monaka loves playing with her older brother, too!

By - Mugi.