A landscape photo of Japanese Twitter user Halube (@and_be0118) captured in Yamagata city, Yamagata prefecture is getting quite a bit of praise and attention, and rightfully so.

The photo of the view was taken at the summit of the Zao Onsen ski resort.

Take a look at the gorgeous photo Halube took with her own smartphone with no filter added.

Source: @and_be0118

The beautiful, majestic view from the top of the mountain overlooks the field. The snowy hills and the sea of clouds lit by the sunlight is simply divine.

The photo of the gorgeous scenery quickly spread on Twitter, and many people have left comments such as: “how beautiful” “An amazing view.”

Even though you can tell the view is already so magnificent, Halube swears that the photo does not do justice, and would like people to come and see it with their own eyes in person.

In winter, why not enjoy skiing at Zao Onsen, and search out the gorgeous view and hot spring to unwind and relax?

If you liked this photo, Halube also shares the beauty of Yamagata through YouTube and Instagram, so make sure to check them out, too!

By - Mugi.