“The number one time I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

With that caption above, Japanese Twitter user Tatsuma (@tatsumaenjoy) shared a video of a surprising guest he recorded in a public washroom.

Since this washroom was located in the middle of the city where anybody could come in, this unusual “visitor” had access to it, too. leading to Tatsuma’s unexpected encounter with this odd visitor in the washroom.

You can hear loud clunking noises when he tries to open the washroom door, followed by the rattling screen.

Once the noise stops, he opens the door slowly and there it was, a large bird that appears to be a heron!

The poor bird somehow got into the washroom by mistake, panicked, and was unable to get out on its own.

Tatsuma gently spoke to the bird to guide it to the washroom exit. The bird was able to safely get out of the public washroom then, and flew away into the sky.

Tatsuma laughed and commented “Good, good!” out of relief once he catches the bird flying away with its wings wide spread.

This video went viral, and people were also at ease watching the bird manage to safely escape. Many comments were left for this video :

“I wasn’t sure what to expect and my imagination was going wild, but I’m glad it had a good ending!”

“Maybe around tonight, the bird will return to show its gratitude.”

“It’s good it didn’t make you pee your pants.”

Although it is still a mystery how the bird got into the public washroom in the first place, we are glad that it was able to return to its home safely.

Just as the old story “The crane of gratitude” goes, we can’t help but to think that the saved bird may come back to show its gratitude, one day…!

By - Mugi.