Japanese Twitter user and cat owner @potechi_nikki lives with her beloved cats; Potechi, Koyuki, Okome and the newest addition to the family since December 2021, Unagi.

Unagi was abandoned in a closed shop until adopted by the owner. He has been receiving lots of love from his owner and cat siblings since, growing up well and healthy.

Source: @potechi_nikki

According to the owner, he has been careful to make sure that Unagi wouldn’t swallow the hair during grooming by mistake.

He also pays attention to not letting Unagi groom their hair after shampooing.

Unagi seems quite content and happy as if he’s asking the owner “Does this feel good?” “Are you happy?” but not quite aware of all of the owner’s caring effort for this grooming.

Either way, it’s so sweet to have your cat being so loving and affectionate towards you.

Many people envied @potechi_nikkifor Unagi’s such affectionate behavior, leaving comments such as “In love with his loving grooming!” “He (the owner) is so loved.”

These loving interactions only help to strengthen the bond and acknowledge the love for one another, and perhaps they will continue the practice as Unagi grows older, too!

By - Mugi.