Animals can’t speak to us, but they often try to communicate their feelings through behaviors or facial expressions.

Lemon, a cat in Japan, is no exception to that, and recently very adorably expressed love for their owner @Lemon0517ch through her gestures.

For about a week or so, @Lemon0517ch and Lemon were unable to see each other.

Lemon was able to fully express one week’s worth of pent up love at the moment they were reunited, however, in a video that has delighted many on Twitter.

Lemon reaches both of her front paws up on the owner, as if to say “I missed you!” “Pick me up!”

While the owner was missing her beloved cat, it is evident that Lemon also was building up feeling as well, missing her owner, too.

The cute video of Lemon has gone viral with 23k likes, and many people were touched by Lemon’s sweet act to show her love.

“I’d cry if this happened to me.”

“The cat knows it’s been a while. She must have been lonely, poor Lemon.”

“This is too sweet. “I missed you” is written all over this video.”

Hopefully, Lemon had made up for the lost time she couldn’t see her owner for a week, and enjoyed the time spent together!

By - Mugi.