With all that’s been going on lately, the urge to escape into a fantasy world is stronger than ever. The good news for fans of anime and video games in Japan, is that there’s plenty of venues that express the world view of various series, such as themed cafes, amusement parks, and now there’s even hotel rooms modelled after certain pieces of media.

To coincide with the Dragon Quest Island event which is going on at anime and game theme park ‘Nijigen no Mori’, the Grand Chariot Hotel on Awaji Island has turned some of their rooms into ‘Slime Cocoons’.

The interior of these rooms, from the furniture to the decoration has been themed around Dragon Quest. In particular there’s plenty of the game series’ most famous creature, the Slime.

Guests can feel like they’re really part of a game since there’s treasure chests and hidden items placed all around the room. You can even win prizes like a photo frame if you collect all the medals in the room.

The yukata which can be worn around the room has a Dragon Quest-inspired design as well.

Guests also receive tickets to the Dragon Quest Island event included in the room price.

Room bookings can be done online on the Grand Chariot website, and tickets to just the Dragon Quest Island at Nijigen no Mori can be bought on their website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.