While cat's often beg for their human's food when they see them eating, the truth is much of what we eat is often too salty, or has harmful ingredients in it for cats to eat. They can also get used to the salty taste and would eat too much of them if you let them.

So it can be a common struggle for cat owners when it comes to avoid feeding them human foods due to all the possible health reasons.

Japanese Twitter user and cat owner (@torotolo106106) lives with his beloved cats, Toro and Oniku, and knows that struggle all too well!

Every morning, @torotolo106106 faces a battle to protect his breakfast from Oniku, who begs for food on a daily basis.

One day, when @torotolo106106 was trying to guard his food with his arm from Oniku’s relentless attempt to get the food, Oniku’s face suddenly changed…

Source: @torotolo106106

All of a sudden, Oniku’s face saddened as he put his paw on the owner’s forearm, as if to say “am I allowed here, at least…?”

Oniku perhaps sensed that he wasn’t getting any of the food. He looked down pouting his lips knowing he had lost his battle.

Many people couldn’t help but to sympathize with Oniku and his saddest face. There were many comments also left on this Twitter post.

"How adorable. Oniku is just so sweet."

"He looks so sad. This is too cute."

"I’d definitely give him treat."

@torotolo106106 must have struggled to be strict and not give Oniku any human food for Oniku’s health and wellbeing.

But it must be so hard seeing such a sad face of Oniku! It’d be so easy to spoil him with treats and pets after seeing a face like this.

However, we all know Oniku is far from giving up entirely on this battle. Certainly he is stalking his owner for food today, tomorrow, and a day after that, too, making sad faces from time to time…!

By - Mugi.