Japanese artist Yutaka Kitamura, who goes by the pseudonym GO motion (@rudesign), works mainly in design, video, and photography. One of his videos posted on Twitter has elicited numerous comments such as:

  • "I was so moved and mesmerized. These blooming moments are so beautiful."
  • "It's amazing. I felt the power of life."
  • "It's so beautiful I couldn't even blink!"

Kitamura's 2-minute video is a collection of time-lapse sequences capturing various beautiful flowers budding, blooming, and sometimes fading away, along with their scientific names and the length of time required to capture each flower.

Let's take a look!

"Here is a timelapse video of 50 kinds of flowers which I took about two and a half years to film."

The dynamic beauty of the moment when the buds open to reveal their precious blossoms is truly something to behold.

You can watch a longer version in beautiful 4K HDR resolution on Kitamura's YouTube Channel here:

Many people were fascinated by the video. Which flower stirred your heart the most?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.