Kabosu かぼす is a rose-ringed parakeet. His owner, using an epynomous Twitter account (Kabosu @toritori1018), posts pictures of his beloved bird every day.

According to Kabosu's caretaker, he's madly in love. The thing is, there aren't any other parakeets, or any other birds, for that matter, where Kabosu lives.

So, who's the object of Kabosu's affections?

Watch the video to find out:

"He just loves Nejiko so much lol"

As it turns out, it wasn't even a living thing. His love interest is Nejiko ネジ子. Although the name sounds similar to a certain female character in a recently popular anime series, Nejiko isn't a girl. The word neji ネジ (螺子) in Japanese means screw!

In what could be a case of parakeet pareidolia, Kabosu seems to have mistaken the shape of a screw attached to a portable electric heater for the eye of another bird.

According to his caretaker, Kabosu courts Nejiko very frequently.

In one of his favorite moves, which you can see in the video below, he amorously pecks, preens and poses, then shows a smug face, as if to say: "How ya like me now?"

"Here he is proudly showing off his best dance moves to Nejiko."

Until warmer weather arrives and the heater is rolled away into storage, Kabosu will be able to show his love for Nejiko to his little parakeet heart's content.

By - Ben K.