Nagasaki is home to a number of dishes praised throughout Japan, but one foodie favorite is Nagasaki Kakuni Manju. The Nagasaki take on Gua Bao serves of braised pork belly slathered in a tangy sauce in between fluffy steamed buns, and is popular as both a street food and gourmet option.

Some of the most famous Kakuni Manju are Iwasaki Honpo, whose slowly braised pork belly and secret soy sauce make them a popular souvenir for those visiting the area.

Iwasaki Honpo's Kakuni Manju may now be getting a boost in popularity among retro video game fans, as they're teaming up with Namco to take advantage of the shape of Kakuni Manju to release some clever and specially flavored Pac-Man steamed pork belly buns!

The new Pac-Man Kakuni Manju feature yellow buns to recreate the likeness of the iconic video game hero (along with his eyes), making it look as if Pac-Man is taking a giant bite out of the braised porky belly for a powerup. The yellow buns aren't just for show either, as they pack a curry flavoring.

The buns also come with a Pac-Man motif wrapping lunch cloth.

The new release is available at Iwasaki Honpo stores, as well as for order from Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.