Iori Takano travels all over Japan to chase after the passage of seasons as reflected through the most stunning landscapes. With a combined Twitter and Instagram following of over 80,000 people, there’s a clear appreciation for the type of natural documentary work that the Japanese photographer does.

Just after Christmas, Takano shared photos that illustrate just how much of a difference one season can make with their visit to Shiga Prefecture. Shiga is known for Ōmi beef, its proximity to Lake Biwa, and the Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia) Avenue. Stretching for over 2.4 kilometers with around 500 dawn redwood trees, the avenue becomes a particularly lovely sight in autumn as seen in the image below.

Reproduced with permission from Iori Takano (@_iori_xx21)

Just one season later, Takano stunned Japanese Twitter users with their images of the avenue as it transformed in winter, in a nighttime scene they describe as “otherworldly.”

Reproduced with permission from Iori Takano (@_iori_xx21)

After sharing this on Twitter, Takano garnered over 20,000 likes and dozens of comments praising their photo, such as “It looks like a world straight out of Narnia”, “This monotone look is so cool!”, and “Beautiful ice world… Thank you for the wonderful view.”

Just to echo the last commenter’s sentiment, we’re grateful for the work that photographers like Takano do to show us the beauty of the world around us, especially during a time when not everybody is able to see these views in person. You can find more of Takano’s work on their Twitter and on their Instagram.

By - Jen Laforteza.