There’s a jewellery shop in Japan called U-Treasure, which stocks more than your average bling. They specialise in pieces inspired by popular characters and motifs, that are stylish and subtle enough to be worn by fans for any occasion.

In particular, their Pokemon collection is very expansive, covering a range of fan favourite creatures from the franchise. If you’re prone to lazing around, a Snorlax necklace could be for you. Or if you’re always buzzing with sparky energy, there’s jewellery inspired by various electric type Pokemon. There’s even Pokemon wedding rings featuring Pikachu or Eevee, for trainers looking to level up their relationship.

A popular offering is their Magikarp necklace. A Pokemon which seems pretty useless at first but evolves into something truly great, he’s something we can all relate and aspire to.

For just this month, U-Treasure are having a preorder for gold versions of the iconic pendant, which is sold silver with a gold plating. In reference to Magikarp’s number in the official order, there’s only 129 up for grabs, costing 12,900 yen.

The Magikarp hangs off the chain by the mouth as if he’s just been caught, and the charm is impressively detailed all round.

There’s even a little Pokeball motif by the clasp.

This fishy piece can be ordered from the U-Treasure Concept Store in Ikebukuro, or through their online store until 31st January or while stocks last.

(Updated on 1/12 20:00) We incorrectly listed the price as 129,000 JPY. We apologize for the error.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.