Japan's current winter cold front has provided some pretty chilling images, such as frozen bikes and very dangerous roads in its "snow country" regions.

Perhaps there's nowhere in the country where such imagery is more common than Japan's most northern island of Hokkaido. Twitter user and Teshikaga resident Falcon Matsubara (@FalconMatsubara) gave a glimpse of that with a recent video they posted that has wowed many on Twitter as a Hokkaido "magic trick".

Falcon Matsubara posted the video explaining that that it's so cold in Teshikaga right now, that when you toss hot water into the air, this happens!

According to Falcon Matsubara, the temperature at the time was about 17-18 degrees below zero. When the hot water was thrown into the air, it almost instantly turned into a spray of white clouds. Considering the cold air conditions, the hot water must have instantly turned into fine ice grains, and clouds were artificially formed.

The town of Teshikaga is known for its natural beauty and hot springs, but perhaps it'll get some extra clouds as many are excited to try out this trick.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.