All of us can occasionally run into uncomfortable situations in public. Often, you have to deal with the situation on your own. If you're lucky, a kind stranger may offer a helping hand. But sometimes, you'll come across someone who shows such selfless kindness it catches you by surprise...

A Good Samaritan

One day, Twitter user しらゆきちゃん Shirayuki-chan (@lovenomaho) got on the train and was startled when she noticed a red stain on the skirt of a young woman who got on the train with her at the same station.

It must have been her period, Shirayuki thought. When the woman got off the train, Shirayuki-san decided to get off with her and quickly informed her of the problem in a hushed voice so as not to be heard by others. When the young woman looked down at her skirt, she began to cry, saying she did not have a change of clothes with her.

Without a second thought for her time, money, or inconvenience, Shirayuki-chan immediately accompanied her to the closest clothing store in the train station building and bought a skirt for her!

Although it may not literally have been an extra mile, Shirayuki-chan really went out of her way to help the young woman and bring to an early resolution what could have been a much more prolonged and uncomfortable episode.

The gift that waited three months

Three months after the incident, Shirayuki-chan was on the train as usual when she was approached by the same woman from that day.

She handed her a thank-you gift. Shirayuki-chan was surprised to learn that the woman had been carrying the thank-you gift with her for the entire three months.

Reproduced with permission from しらゆきちゃん Shirayuki-chan (@lovenomaho)

As it turns out, the young woman and Shirayuki-chan shared the same station, and she had seen Shirayuki-chan several times before. That's probably why she thought she would eventually see her again and kept the thank-you gift with her the whole time.

Shirayuki-chan's Tweet was widely shared and liked, eliciting comments such as: "What an act of kindness" and "How wonderful!"

Seeing that her post was being shared, Shirayuki-chan used her platform to make the following appeal:

After I read a story about a woman who helped a groping victim on a train, I thought, "It's so important for women to protect other women."

With just a little bit of courage, we can help those in need. Even if you don't have an idea of what to do, there are people who can be helped by simply "talking to them and taking action."

I think it would be a wonderful world if we could increase such ties of kindness in our community.

Helping a stranger may seem easy, but it takes courage.

However, if even one more person takes action as Shirayuki-chan did, it may help to lower the mental and emotional barriers some people have to offer a helping hand.

Also, as word of these episodes spread, more and more people may think, "I want to be a person who can help others in need!"

Especially in these difficult pandemic times, we need acts of kindness more than ever...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.