Japan is known worldwide for their various pet cafes, which allow patrons to play with or watch cute animals while they enjoy their beverage. A particularly popular example of this is the micro pig cafe, ‘Mipig’, which opened a few years ago in Tokyo.

The idea was so successful, that they are now opening yet another branch, and this time there’s a special theme attached. The new cafe will open in Fukuoka, on 2nd February 2022. This also happens to be ‘buu buu’ day, a Japanese onomatopoeic word for a pig’s grunt.

The concept combines a micro pig cafe with the book Alice in Wonderland, to create a magical space straight out of a picture book.

Of course when planning a trip to a pet cafe, animal welfare is always a concern, but Mipig have some rules in place to alleviate many common worries. There’s a reservation system in place so only a certain amount of people can enter at one time. This way the pigs don’t get overwhelmed, and customers stay seated at their assigned table while the pigs go wherever they like. Rules like no flash photography and no aggressive handling are also enforced by staff.

The Mipig cafes work on a booking system so customers must reserve ahead of going. This can be done online on the Mipig Cafe website, where you can also find a pricelist and more information about the cafe locations.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.