Sometimes even the everyday surroundings we're used to can look quite startling if you look at them at the right time of day or under the right circumstances.

Japanese Twitter user Ayu (@auki999) provided an example of that recently shared of a phone booth they stumbled upon one snowy night in Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture.

While a phone booth itself isn't particularly creepy, Ayu ran into one that has quickly become known as "a phone booth you wouldn't want to run into at night" on Twitter. Imagine this popping up as you walk home alone.

Source: @auki999

"A phone booth in Miyagi prefecture, it's too scary to walk at night."

While the phone booth definitely looks jarring to the uninitiated, the big face that appears as a ghostly visage in the photo is actually modeled after Naruko Kokeshi Dolls, a traditional craft in Miyagi.

While locals are a bit used to phone booth an imagery, many on Twitter commented that it was quite the horrifying sight on a snowy night, and that Ayu is definitely not the first to have such a reaction to the innocent phone booth. In the past the same phone booth has understandably spooked people who pass by it--which makes you wonder how many people actually make calls from it!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.