• "Wow. That's gotta mean good luck."
  • "Wha...How did you find it?"
  • "It must be your lucky day"

These were only some of the many comments elicited by a viral post from Japanese furniture designer and Twitter user Yokoten よこてん (@tokotenka).

He ordered a bowl of gomoku yakisoba 五目焼きそば, a Chinese-inspired fried noodle dish featuring multiple ingredients, usually a combination of seafood such as squid or shrimp, meat such as pork, and vegetables such as carrots, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots.

As he was enjoying his noodles, one of the ingredients really caught his attention!

Yokoten's Tweet already has over 195,000 likes. Here's the photo that will surely inspire you to do the same!

Reproduced with permission from Yokoten よこてん (@tokotenka)

"A 'like' came out of my gomoku yakisoba!"

One piece of squid had a very familiar shape. It was giving Yokoten a "thumbs up," looking very much like the "like" emoji often seen on social media platforms.

What an amazing discovery! Yokoten clearly likes his yakisoba, but this yakisoba likes him back!

In addition to the comments mentioned above, other people began posting other food items that had a similar shape, including one commenter who said it reminded them of the famous "thumbs up" scene at the end of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

In any case, this life-affirming sign was surely a great way for Yokoten to start his new year!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.