Convenience store signboards are usually built to fit the size of the store's building.

In the case of FamilyMart, one of Japan's most popular and prevalent convenience store chains, the signboard with its green, white, and blue stripes, is usually installed to like this:

Stock photo for illustrative purposes

However, Twitter user テス湖のテッシー Tessie of Tess Lake (@Tes_Liner) spotted a FamilyMart signboard in Tagajō City, Miyagi Prefecture that wasn't the right size by any stretch of the imagination. And speaking of stretching, the sign went far beyond the building where the store was housed, extending twice its length above the parking area next to it.

Reproduced with permission from テス湖のテッシー Tessie of Tess Lake (@Tes_Liner)

"Here's the 'FamilyMart where only the signboard is unreasonably long' that I discovered as I was walking in Tagajō City. Why?..."

You can see it, can't you?

That's one looooooooong signboard!

Tessie of Tess Lake took this picture at night. But then, she came back to take another look during the day. Yep, the signboard was still way too long.

Reproduced with permission from テス湖のテッシー Tessie of Tess Lake (@Tes_Liner)

When you look at the sign from the edge, the "Family Mart" logo is so far away that it almost fades from your sight...

Incidentally, a writer at our sister site Grape asked the public relations office of Family Mart Co., Ltd. which operates the store about the reason for the long sign, but they replied: "We will refrain from answering."

The store's overly long sign elicited a variety of perplexed and amused responses, as well as possible theories:

  • "I've never seen this before"
  • "This made me laugh.
  • "This is the first time I've seen something like that. I wonder if there was a mistake when they ordered the signboard..."
  • "It looks like an energy beam is going to shoot out of the end"
  • "Huh?...What's going on here?"
  • "It must be a warning display behavior to make itself look bigger."
  • "Instead of buying extra lights for the parking, they got extra mileage from the sign."

If you ever happen to be in the neighborhood, why not stop by and see it for yourself?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.