On Monday, January 24th, residents of Japan will be able to buy Cream Stew flavor Pringles. This will be the brand's first limited-time flavor of 2022 in the Japanese market.

For those who don't know it, Japanese cream stew クリームシチュー kurīmu shichū is a staple of yōshoku 洋食, Western cuisine with a Japanese twist, and is made from Béchamel sauce, milk, chicken, with vegetables like carrots, potatoes, onions and green peas. First popularized at the end of the Pacific War when it was introduced to provide calcium in the newly established Japanese school lunches, it quickly became popular among the general public and has been a favorite ever since.

According to the press release, Pringles Cream Stew flavor recreates the comforting and gentle taste of cream stew, with rich milk and cheese flavor. The moderate sweetness matches the saltiness of the chips to create a flavor that will make them hard to put down.

If you live in Japan, look for these chips at a store near you or at your favorite online retailer while they're available.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.