Atelier puchuco's charming accessories and windup dolls

Japanese artist Hideo Fukuda 福田英生 creates charming silver pendants and other accessories as well as small windup dolls under the name Atelier puchuco アトリエpuchuco (@puchuco709). His accessories are inspired by animals and insects, and according to his website, are "designed to express each creature's charms to the fullest extent possible."

For example, below you can see his pendants featuring a Japanese giant salamander and a snake:

Most of his karakuri windup dolls hide their mechanisms to allow the subjects to take center stage. This is very important in Fukuda's work, especially the ones featuring humanoid forms expressing emotions through subtle motions.

In the artist's words, "these karakuri dolls put thoughts into motion. When you turn the handle, they start to move quietly, sadly but lovingly."

For example, look at these past works, demonstrating his ability to express emotions, beginning with a doll "which you wind up when you want to cry but can't," a doll expressing a happy reunion, and a doll expressing an innocent moment of love.

A fluttering heart

One of his more recent creations combines both facets of his work, in the form of a pendant with a windup mechanism.

This one expresses the theme of love.

Reproduced with permission from Atelier puchuco アトリエpuchuco (@puchuco709)

"I made a pendant that makes the heart inside the box tremble when you turn the handle. It is a pendant that you turn when you feel your heart flutter. The heart is made of shaved coral."

Within a rectangular box fashioned in an antique-looking dark brown material with a hammered texture, there's a square window with a heart made of carved and polished orange-red coral. On top of the box, casually seated on its ledge, a couple made of silver sits...

When you turn the handle, the heart begins to vibrate and seems to continue to do so for a while even after you've stopped turning it.

The beautiful design and heartwarming concept elicited reactions on Twitter, such as "Wow!", "How delightful!" and "I want one! I'm in love!"

To see more of Atelier puchuco's wonderful creations, some of which are available for purchase, follow him on Twitter and visit his official website.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.