As we've seen before, when colder weather rolls in and cats start to don their winter coats, they can really start to resemble entirely different creatures--even Studio Ghibli characters.

Masa (@sironezumi77), who lives in Japan with his beloved 4-year-old cat Chiro, recently gave such a dramatic example of that furry change that dumbfounded thousands on Twitter and even attracted national TV attention.

As Chiro has now put on her winter coat to deal with the cold, Masa took To Twitter to share comparison photos of her summer and winter fur.

Here's Chiro during the summer:

Source: @sironezumi77

And here is the phot of Chiro's winter form that has many in shock that it's the same cat!

Source: @sironezumi77

Like many in the comments, you may suspect that Chiro has simply put on some extra weight in the past few months, but according to Masa, her weight only changed by 100 grams between summer and winter.

While side by side the pictures may look like two different cats, it's pretty much completely due to her winter coat giving her a plump and fluffy appearance.

For Masa, it must be like having an adorable cat for every season.

Source: @sironezumi77

By - grape Japan editorial staff.