It’s still pretty frosty out there, but spring is so close you can almost taste it. Literally.

The spring season is represented by cherry blossom in Japan, and as it approaches all the shop shelves and cafe menus start filling up with sakura flavoured items. Swiss chocolatiers Lindt have got in on the act before with spring-inspired chocolate beverages in their Lindt cafe branches, but now they have revealed that one of their most iconic creations is getting a sakura makeover.

The Lindor Sakura is not only debuting in Japan, but in some other countries too, and will only be around for the spring season.

A white chocolate containing strawberry powder has been chosen for the outer shell of the spherical treat, to complement the creamy filling which is sakura flavour.

One hundred grams of these springtime wonders will cost you 781 yen. There’s also the chance to engage in some ‘pick and mix’ where you can combine the sakura flavour chocolates with any other chocolates of your choice.

Variously sized seasonal gift boxes can also be bought, with an assortment of chocolate flavours inside, including another Japan-favourite flavour, matcha.

The Lindor Sakura will be on sale from 20th January to 31st May 2022 at branches of Lindt in Japan and some overseas locations.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.