Japanese clay artist and YouTuber ネンドザイカーSNAIL Nendozaiker SNAIL (@nendo_snail) often takes inspiration from popular video game characters for his amazing works. For example, we've seen their Inteleon figure serving as a Pokémon cup ramen assistant and a whimsical sushi plate inspired by Super Mario. As expected, their creations often get shared and noticed on social media.

The most recent work to get noticed is inspired by the internationally popular Nintendo game Animal Crossing. In a remarkably faithful and detailed re-creation made of resin clay and paper, Nendozaiker SNAIL brought "The Roost" to life. Although they don't specify, it looks like the version of the café found in the most recent iteration of the Animal Crossing franchise, New Horizons.

Take a look and see for yourself!

Reproduced with permission from ネンドザイカーSNAIL Nendozaiker SNAIL (@nendo_snail)

"I made the café 'The Roost' from Animal Crossing."

From the round stools to the wallpaper with its unusual scalloped design in shades of green and brown to the cupboard filled with glass coffee jars and bags, the siphon coffee makers, the scale, coffee mill, refrigerator for milk and cream, the stainless steel pitcher, cash register and coin tray, even the cuckoo clock and painting on the wall, all the details of the hangout are accurately realized. Of course, Brewster is there, pouring a cuppa just for you!

The Tweet where they posted this impressive diorama has over 150,000 likes and 19,000 retweets at the time of writing.

Here you can see the diorama from different angles:

Reproduced with permission from ネンドザイカーSNAIL Nendozaiker SNAIL (@nendo_snail)

Reproduced with permission from ネンドザイカーSNAIL Nendozaiker SNAIL (@nendo_snail)

Reproduced with permission from ネンドザイカーSNAIL Nendozaiker SNAIL (@nendo_snail)

"It's mostly made out of resin clay. Here's the making-of movie..."

You can see how they put it together using resin clay and paper in the video below:

Understandably, this remarkable work elicited numerous comments, such as:

  • "It's too amazing. I'm so impressed!"
  • "Even though it's so detailed, it's all accurate! It's beautiful work. Awesome!"
  • "So cool! I really want it! Please sell it. I want to put it under a glass case and admire it forever..."
  • "It's so cute!!!!"
  • "Woah"

Apparently, Brewster complained that there were no customers, so the artist humored him by adding Isabelle and Marshal...

But Isabelle, unfortunately, tripped on the placemat, spilling her coffee as Marshal, seated at the counter, looked on in shock:

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.