Japanese papercraft artist トモヲ Tomowo (@tomowo_PS2) has recently been focusing on “cardboard crafting," creating everything from masks to helmets (his Gundam helmets are particularly impressive) and more.

On his Twitter account, Tomowo posted several interesting gadgets that he had recently created out of cardboard, eliciting comments such as: "What a genius!” “It's so practical, I'm impressed!"

Please take a look and see what everyone’s raving about!

Images reproduced with permission from トモヲ Tomowo (@tomowo_PS2)

“I like to make things using cost-effective cardboard or paper on the spur of the moment as I think of them.”

All the items are actually practical and useful, such as pill holders and dispensers with ingenious button-like designs, charts that make it easy to manage tasks at a glance, measuring tools, and much more.

Surely many of our readers will think to themselves, "I wish I had an item like this at home..." after seeing this collection.

Tomowo designs his products based on spur of the moment ideas, and realizes them with the help of carving tools and a consumer-oriented laser engraving machine.

Check out this video to see his cool cardboard gadgets in motion:

Although many people on Twitter expressed their wish to see these gadgets commercialized, at the time of writing, this has yet to happen.

Not only does Tomowo come up with innovative concepts, but he also has a wonderful ability to give shape to his ideas. Perhaps one of the secrets of his popularity lies in the fact that he not only uses an inexpensive material like cardboard to create designs that he personally likes, but also because he thinks carefully about giving his creations a practical value that can be appreciated by others.

Tomowo has more cool paper creations you can appreciate, such as a paper doll and coin bank in which Steve from Minecraft bows in gratitude when you insert a coin:

Check out all the fun on his Twitter account here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.