Crayons often conjure up images of our childhood, but for 74-year-old watercolor artist Shibasaki, that’s not a reason to put them away, but to use them as much as possible.

Shibasaki, who turns 75 this coming year and calls himself “Grandpa Sensei”, has attracted quite a following on his YouTube channel “Watercolor by Shibasaki”, where he not only provides helpful and soothing watercolor lessons in a Bob Ross-esque manner (English subtitled too!), but shows off some impressive artwork and technique!

Shibasaki recently wowed many on TikTok with a charming Christmas doodle he drew on his own window, but if you check out his channel, you’ll see that he’s a true pro at making the most out of anything.

In the below video, he demonstrates how smooth and beautiful an illustration you can make with Crayons purchased from a 100 yen shop!

The talented artist says he has been drawing almost all his life, and that’s why he has carefully saved his crayons for the past 30 years. Using that same old set he’s saved for 30 years, here he is crafting a gorgeous shiba inu.

The Grandpa Sensei says he always holds onto his crayons and colors, but throws away his work because he wants to keep his mind fresh. Perhaps that’s why every illustration he makes is bursting with color.

By - Big Neko.