As one of Japan's most famous mochi ice cream products, Lotte's Yukimi Daifuku 雪見だいふく has been enjoyed for over 40 years. With its perfect combination of a soft chewy mochi outside layer that retains its soft texture in the freezer and the sweet and mild milk vanilla-flavored ice cream inside, the classic version is a comforting go-to any time of the year.

However, as we've often featured in grape Japan, the brand continues to release new flavors such as lemon cheesecake, maple syrup pancakes and even heart-shaped strawberry flavor for Valentine's Day.

Kikyō Shingenmochi flavor Yukimi Daifuku

The latest flavor to be introduced has the beloved dessert pairing up with an even more venerable classic dessert which has been around for 133 years. 桔梗屋 Kikyōya's 信玄餅 Shingenmochi is a mochi-based cake enjoyed with 黄な粉 kinako roasted soy flour and 黒蜜 kuromitsu, a traditional molasses-like syrup. The recipe has not changed since it was first sold, proving that it needs no improvement.

The new flavor of Yukimi Daifuku achieves this celebrity matchup by replacing the thin standard layer of mochi with a thicker 厚もち atsumochi mochi layer flavored with kinako roasted soy flour. Even though the layer is thicker, the mochi they use still retains its satisfying chewiness in the freezer without hardening. Meanwhile, the kuromitsu part of Shingenmochi is packed inside the ice cream as a thick syrupy center.

Look for this new flavor of Yukimi Daifuku mochi ice cream in the freezer section of your local convenience store or supermarket in Japan.

Product details

  • Name: 「桔梗屋監修 雪見だいふく×桔梗信玄餅 」(Yukimi Daifuku x Kikyō Shingenmochi supervised by Kikyōya)
  • On sale from January 25th, 2022 (beginning with convenience stores)
  • Contents: 94 ml (47ml x 2)
  • Price: 194 JPY MSRP (tax included)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.