If someone is in a bad mood or angry and you're not sure why, it's sometimes best to apologize first and ask questions later.

Japanse cat caretaker もも Momo (@KUwdn) found themselves in just such a situation.

The reason why they apologized is clear from this one picture:

Image used with permission from もも Momo (@KUwdn)

"When I woke up I faced a frightful stare. Did I do something?... Sorry (I should apologize first)"

The Siberian cat staring at Momo with a frightfully stern expression is 勘吉ちゃん Kankichi-chan.

Maybe he wanted food or wanted his owner to play with him, but with this kind of expression on his face, you can understand why his owner felt like apologizing right away...

Apparently, after Momo apologized, Kankichi-chan immediately looked away, leaving the reason for his stern expression a mystery.

Momo was confused, but the photo drew a lot of attention on Twitter, eliciting comments such as:

  • "This is too cute."
  • "I couldn't help laughing!
  • "His presence is amazing!"
  • "This is the face of a cat that needs to be appeased with some kind of offering."
  • "If I were in the same situation, I think I would spontaneously apologize too!"

Kankichi-chan seems to be good at applying silent pressure on his caretaker. Hopefully, one day, Momo will understand the reason for his behavior, even if he doesn't express it in words.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.