Fans of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba in Japan have quite the menu of food to sample inspired by the hit anime and manga, including Rengoku sushi and full set meals at Universal Studios Japan.

Now Demon Slayer foodies can munch on a chicken bowl much like Rengoku did his bento with a new bowl from Sukiya inspired by Tanjiro Kamado!

As part of a collaboration campaign with the Demon Slayer anime, Sukiya, one of Japan's largest gyudon (beef bowl) chains has released a new Tanjiro-themed chicken bowl. The bowl is called the "Tanjiro no Sumibi Torimayo Don", or "Tanjiro's Charcoal Grilled Chicken Bowl". The dish serves up charcoal grilled chicken slathered in mayonnaise, and is topped with green onions and nori seaweed in a design modeled after Tanjiro's green haori coat.

During the campaign, customers can also add an order of a white grape jelly drink inspired by Tanjiro's Water Breathing for an additional 180 yen to any of their orders, and receive a collectible hologram card (there are 29 in total).

The Tanjiro's Charcoal Grilled Chicken Bowl will be available from February 2nd to March 16th at Sukiya locations throughout Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.