As necessary as regular checkups and shots are for dogs, a trip to the vet can bring about some pretty wild reactions from our canine friends. Sometimes it's when they behave the best that they give the most memorable reactions, however.

Ko-chan (@RLa7gXrQBYxIl3x), a shiba inu in Japan, gave her owner one to remember on a recent trip to the vet to get a vaccination shot. While Ko-chan is far from a fan of the vet, a video shared by her owner of her facing her fears in the waiting room has charmed thousands of dog lovers on Twitter.

Ko-chan's owner shared the video saying that the shiba went into a cell phone's "manner mode" while sitting in the waiting room. Here you can see why.

Ko-chan simply can't stop shaking as she waits nervously in her owner's arms, and while the stress she is feeling is obviously no joke, there's something endearing about seeing her constantly vibrating and getting reassuring pets.

Many on Twitter felt for the poor shiba, while praising her for not only being brave, but also polite as she never barks or panics. As you're asked to silence your phones in the waiting area, perhaps the term manner mode is actually perfect for the shivering Ko-chan!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.