Instagram user (Jan07_24) posts photos and videos documenting the everyday adventures of her young son and her Norwegian Forest Cat, Jan.

Jan and her son have a good relationship with each other, even if Jan sometimes gets a bit aggressive in a playful way...

For example, take a look at this scene involving the most adorable standoff:

Jan pulls his body back to time his cat punch. The caption on the video says: "(Jan) waited for about 30 seconds to get his timing right (lol)." The way the toddler is so happy to see him is so cute.

Even when Jan delivers his punch, you can sense that he's holding back and being kind...!

The adorable video elicited comments such as:

  • "It's so cute. I like that the punches are gentle."
  • "He's saving his breath. I think he understands that he is a baby.
  • "I love the way he knows just when to punch."

We're sure that these two will continue to get along great!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.