BT21, a gang of cute characters created by messaging app LINE and K-pop group BTS, have returned to Japan in food form for one of their ever popular temporary cafes.

The cafes have a different theme every time they appear, and for the first one of 2022, the concept has been announced as ‘A Little Festa’. The style has been described as ‘fancy’ and ‘cute’, and looking at the adorable illustrations, we have to agree.

All customers who dine at the cafe will get a BT21 clear file as a present, and if you order a drink you can receive a character coaster (both are given out at random).

Apart from these goodies there's even some extra gifts that diners can get their hands on. One is a coaster exclusive to weekday visitors, another is an illustration card for 'repeaters'. The 'repeater' card can be gained if you show some merchandise bought at a previous BT21 Cafe. A special paper bag will also be given to those who spend over 3300 yen at the goods store.

Each character has a set dish, either a main meal or dessert. Koya appears in a cream pasta.

Shooky can be dipped in a beef stew.

Chimmy becomes rice on the side of a keema curry.

And Cooky keeps up his healthy image with a protein bowl.

RJ features in a classic party dessert, a banana split.

Mang looks snug as a cotton candy pancake.

Tata appears in a tasty-looking chocolate fondu.

There’s also plenty of cute beverages on offer, including some pretty cotton candy creations.

An iced cafe latte with colourful sprinkles.

Hot versions are available too.

Of course, there's plenty of original merchandise on offer at the cafe's shop.

The cafe has popped-up in three major Japanese cities. Namely, two locations in Tokyo, one in Nagoya and two in Osaka, making five branches across Japan. This is a pop-up event meaning the cafes will only be around for a limited time. Each cafe closes on a different date so check out the website for more information, where you can also reserve a table at one of the locations.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.