Tenkaippin (often called Ten-ichi for short) is a popular ramen chain in Japan that has come to be known for their especially rich and thick "kotteri" broth, made from a signature recipe of chicken stock and a dozen vegetables that is now known as "Kyoto-style" ramen. For noodle lovers looking for a bowl of ramen that lays it on thick with the soup, Tenkaippin is a fan favorite.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Tenkaippin is answering the call of those who are looking for an even richer broth, releasing a very limited edition "Super Kotteri" that doubles down on the already hefty broth so much they can only serve it five times a day.

Tenkaippin's new "Cho Kotteri" ("Super Rich and Thick") ramen takes their classic kotteri ramen recipe, and uses a mix of slowly cooked luxury chicken stock and chopped onions to deliver an even thicker broth than they already use. In addition, the noodles used are half the normal length, which Tenkaippin says is to make slurping the dense ramen broth the ideal way to enjoy the dish.

The ramen is also served in a special jet black bowl with a design by Keisuke Teshima, a Kyoto artist famous for painting elaborate dragon illustrations in one brush stroke.

Because of the slow and deliberate cooking process, only the first five orders of the Super Rich and Thick ramen will be served per day. The ramen will be available for a pre-sale period between January 22nd and February 28th, before going on sale nationwide from February 1st to the 28th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.