'Poke Lids' (or Pokefuta in Japanese) started as a way to bring more visitors to little-known regions in Japan. Each one of these awesome manhole covers are one-of-a-kind, and feature various Pokemon in the designs. Often the Pokemon chosen will reflect some aspect of the area they’re placed, and the setting will also be inspired by local sights.

The campaign became so popular that now these manhole covers can be found all across Japan, including tourist hot-spots like Kyoto and central Tokyo. But one prefecture that was yet to have even one Poke Lid was Tochigi.

Luckily, they’ve just revealed that Tochigi will be home to not just one, but three new Pokefuta, featuring five types of Pokemon. They will appear in Utsunomiya, and the various backgrounds are inspired by scenes that can be seen around the city.

There’s one in Hachimanyama Park that features Thundurus which will be appearing this month.

Another stars Electrike and Crustle (coming February).

Lastly, the third one can be found in Utsunomiya Station East Park, and the design incorporates Electabuzz and Skwovet (coming this month).

Locations for all the Pokemon manhole covers can be found on the Poke Lids website, which includes every single manhole cover that can be found in Japan (there’s 224 now!) by intrepid Pokemon trainers.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.