Talented Japanese wire artist Ko-SUKE(Twitter, Instagram) creates beautifully and intricately crafted sculptures out of bent colored wire. Their dynamic poses give them an animated nature that really bring the carefully twisted works to life.

One work in particular really shows off how lifelike they can be. Ko-SUKE's wire art take on koi, the national fish of Japan, looks like it's ready to swim through a pond and leap out of the water. A video shared by Ko-SUKE displays the movements of the beautiful sculpture that appear as if the koi is weaving through water.

Looking closely, you can appreciate the level of detail found in the multi-layered wire koi, including the splash of water it rests on to make it appear as if it's bursting out of a pond.

Source: @kosuke_247

Source: @kosuke_247

Source: @kosuke_247

Here's a look at the awesome figure from all angles.

Of course, the charming koi is not the only impressive work Ko-SUKE has made out of colorful wires. Take a look at some of his previous striking sculptures.

For more awesome wire art, be sure to follow Ko-SUKE on Twitter and Instagram.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.