Typically when we get that eerie feeling that someone or something is watching us, we might check a nearby window, or worse, our closet for a potential boogeyman or some other frightful apparation.

For Japanese user M@R/Mebaeru (@mar0130), neither proved to be the source of that spooky aura. Instead, the ghost haunting M@R/Mebaeru had taken up residence in his trash can. After throwing away a binder, M@R/Mebaeru got the feeling that it was none too happy about being discarded, and staring a hole in him.

The picture he shared will explain why!

Source: @mar0130

"The binder I threw away is staring over here from inside the trash can."

The binder's binding look spookily like human eyes, and the wrinkles like raised eyebrows. It's almost as if the binder is saying "you think you can just get rid of me?" with an accusing look. While some in the Twitter comments found it a bit scary, others found the binder to be quite cute, as if it were pleading to not part from its former owner.

Whatever the binder's "look" meant, it got it removed from the trash can. M@R/Mebaeru says they felt attached to the binder after noticing it, and ressurected it for continued use. Although you could argue M@R/Mebaeru may have just been trying to avoid some nightmares.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.