Cats are quite popular in Japan. So if you’re a cat lover looking for goodies of your favorite animal, you’re sure to find everything you need and more here.

The latest feline-inspired item comes from Kibidango Store, an online store that stocks various types of crowdfunded products, one of which is the Cat Egg Mold. The Cat Egg Mold comes in two sizes, a large, pink mold (1,650 yen) that’s also described as “for use with chicken eggs”, and a smaller green mold (1,100 yen) recommended for “use with quail eggs.”

But, as anyone who’s ever used a baking mold would know, the variety of food you can use the mold with is only limited by your creativity. The product page for the Cat Egg Mold also includes other examples such as using it to shape pancakes, rice, and okonomiyaki.

The Cat Egg Mold is currently only available within Japan, and can be found on Kibidango Store’s website.

By - Jen Laforteza.