Have you ever wondered what is popular among young people in Japan and what Japanese influencers people tend to watch? Are you curious about the current trending YouTube channels in Japan?

YouTube is a growing platform, and becoming a YouTuber or gaining a certain number of subscribers is, undoubtedly, not an easy task. In Japan, there is a considerable number of people watching YouTube.

To find out who was trending in 2021, Nox Limited did a survey from January 1st to November 15th, 2021. The survey, based on the data of the influencer marketing analysis tool Nox Influencer includes:

Major categories of 2021 YouTube videos that had a rapid growth 

The survey narrowed down the five top categories representing around 81% of YouTube content. Out of this 81%, around 40% of survey respondents were focused on "Entertainment" (the top category), followed by "People & Blogs," "Gaming," "Music" and "Sports."

Ranking of YouTube channels trending in 2021

Below, you can see the summarized list of the top 20 YouTube Channels:

Channels with a high chance of having their videos trend

I am also an avid viewer of YouTube and enjoy watching Japanese YouTube channels or finding out the current trends in Japan.

I am watching around 50% of the Japanese YouTube channels above, and I am a fan of Pmaru-sama and fukurena’s videos, so I recommend giving them a try!

Both have different types of content but are super fun, and they can also become a practice for your Japanese!

Let us know in the comments if you have any Japanese favorite YouTube Channel or if you watch any of the channels above!

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