Disney-Twisted Wonderland, a well-known Japanese mobile game inspired by Disney villains, has announced a new original metal art magnet and sticker series using traditional Japanese craft techniques!

Sun-Star Bungu publishing company and manufacturer TOY Believe announced that these original goods will be released nationwide in Japan in late March 2022.

The new  magnet & sticker series applies traditional Japanese craft techniques such as 七宝焼 shippōyaki cloisonné ware and 彫金 chōkin (metal engraving).

Chōkin uses a chisel to engrave the metal. This kind of engraving, known for its delicate and precise finishing, is often used for making ornaments and many other sophisticated accessories that require such details.

Shippōyaki uses unique glass colors and advanced techniques to decorate metals. The traditional craft also incorporates copper, silver, or gold wires in the design. The finishing consists of glossy patterns and colors that give more depth to the finished ornaments.

A peek at the Disney Twisted Wonderland product lineup

The lineup consists of two items: a metal engraved magnet and stickers.

Each has seven patterns that feature various characters of the series:

Riddle Rosehearts

Leona Kingscholar

Azul Ashengrotto

Kalim Al-Asim

Vil Schoenheit

Idia Shroud

Malleus Draconia

Product information

Disney Twisted Wonderland - Engraving magnet (seven patterns)
Price: 1,540 yen each (tax included)
Size: 75 mm (round)

Disney Twisted Wonderland- Engraving sticker (seven patterns)
Price: 1,320 yen each (tax included)
Size: 75 mm (round)

Release date: Late March 2022 (nationwide)

Unfortunately, the original lineup is available only in Japan for the moment.

However, there is an exciting announcement for the fans worldwide, too! Disney Twisted Wonderland officially released an English version this month, so now, fans who wanted to try out the game but couldn’t because of the language barrier now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magical world of Twisted!

So, who is ready to find their dorm and start the journey?

You can find more information about the characters and game on the Disney Twisted Wonderland Official Website.

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