Ukiyo-e, traditional Japanese woodblock prints, are one of the country's most iconic art forms. Perhaps the most recognizable print is The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, illustrated by the most famous and prolific ukiyo-e artist, Hokusai. You can find the famous piece all around Japan, even printed on beer cans, Pepsi bottles, and license plates.

So while it might seem an impossible challenge to make The Great Wave Off Kanagawa any better than it already is, Japanese Twitter user Tachibana Gouri (@izuka1159) may have found a way--by adding cats!

Tachibana recently purchased a scratch post for their cat that is modeled after the The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, and the adorable feline looks like a natural fit!

Source: @izuka1159

"The way they've become so used to this is like the original painting was like this from the start."

The scratch post is actually a popular release available for order from Japanese retailer Felissimo, which has been a big hit with cat lovers as it turns their kitty into a traditional woodblock masterpiece. Tachibana's cat and its snug pose fit the scratch post's groove perfectly, making it one wave won't have a problem riding.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.