Those looking for fast food fried chicken with a twist in Japan have quite a few options, including a buffet-style KFC with all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink options. Chubby Airlines is definitely a standout option among them, themed with a concept of an airline (connecting customers on flights to deliciousness complete with a check-in counter).

The restaurant's slogan is "kawaii is high calorie", which reflects their goal of making the idea of eating heavy cute, serving large portions in a photogenic and "Instagrammable" decor. The signature dish of Chubby Airlines is their MUGEN∞CHICKEN (Infinity Chicken), which is a hunk of fried chicken 15cm in width and advertised "as big as your face."

Chubby Airlines is getting in the mood for Valentine's Day, and giving a sweet upgrade to their popular giant fried chicken pieces, which gets its name from it's "Infinity Seasoning" (a mixture of garlic, butter, and soy sauce), by slathering it in chocolate!

The new chocolate covered "Surprise Chocolate Flavor Infinity Chicken" takes the signature face-sized fried chicken pieces and coats them in a thick chocolate sauce for a sweet and savory serving to celebrate Valentine's Day, making for quite the interesting Valentine's chocolate. The new chicken will January 29nd to March 14th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.