Some of our readers may recall the talented and imaginative Japanese artist, illustrator, and designer イササ Isasa (@isanatolu), whose beautiful crafted anthropomorphic "children of the stars" lamps we introduced last year.

Whereas his star lamps drew inspiration from beyond the stars, his latest creation mines the fertile grounds of fantasy and lore with a marvelously detailed creature that has, once again, grabbed the attention of Twitter users.

This time, Isasa introduced his new work by presenting it as if he had naturally encountered a creature in its natural habitat...

Reproduced with permission from イササ Isasa (@isanatolu)

"I thought I saw something that landed on my finger, but it was a dragon! I don't see many of these anymore, but I guess some of them still live in the city."

Just as naturally as you might experience having a dragonfly or butterfly land on you in the wild, Isasa introduced his gorgeous, skillfully crafted and painted little dragon as if it were entirely natural, thereby transporting us into a world where urban city life and fantasy co-exists.

The artist posted additional images of his dragon in a follow-up Tweet, saying "nature suits it well."

Reproduced with permission from イササ Isasa (@isanatolu)

Combined, these two Tweets have garnered a total of over 155,00 likes and 23,300 retweets, and elicited numerous comments, many of them playing along with Isasa's story:

  • "It's true that you don't see many of them in the Kanto area any more."
  • "They used to come into town at night and sometimes crash into our screen door."
  • "Is it true that when they're this age, they can't breathe fire yet but their breath is hot?"

Like many of his previous creations, this 指乗りドラゴン (yubinori doragon, lit. "dragon that can rest on your finger") is available for sale on his Booth shop here. In the photos above, the fully painted final product is shown but please note that they are available as garage kits, meaning that you can paint the models in the colors you wish.

Moreover, due to limited numbers and popularity, they are currently sold out but may become available again at some point in the future. Please check Isasa's Twitter account for updates and to see all of his amazing creations.

By - Ben K.