Last Christmas, we were surprised to see that Demon Slayer fever had even spread to the holiday festivities when Kimetsu no Yaiba Christmas cakes were announced.

The officially licensed dessert must have been pretty popular, because the same shop has now revealed that they’re selling Valentine’s Day cakes starring various characters from the series. It’s hard to imagine a more romantic sight, than coming home on Valentine’s Day to a cake adorned with your fave anime characters.

There’s plenty of designs to choose from, with romantic motifs such as flowers and hearts. When ordering, you can choose between whipped cream and chocolate cream, and the cake contains strawberry and peach pieces.

Along with the cake, the store has also revealed some extra romantic macarons, also featuring Demon Slayer characters. For flavouring, fans can choose from chocolate and strawberry, or strawberry, pistachio and orange.

There’s 49 designs to choose from for the cake, and 6 different macaron sets. If you want to see all the possible designs check out Priroll’s online shop, where these treats can also be preordered. One sweet Demon Slayer cake will set you back 4860 yen, and one macaron set costs 2376 yen. The items will be sent by refrigerated delivery so they can be ordered from anywhere in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.