Japanese clay artist Nendoyorishin (Twitter, YouTube) crafts amazing Pokémon that look so lifelike it's as if they've just jumped right out of the games. However, what makes them even more awesome is that they aren't just figures--Nedoyorishin's Pokémon creations are actually functioning appliances that match their respective Pokémon's type and ability!

In the past, the talented artist has created incredibly detailed Turtwig planters and even a Froslass traditional doll display with edible ice crystal ears.

Not to mention quite a few others:

Shellder humidifier/party light

Alolan Exeggutor planters

Pichu phone charger

Nendoyorishin's latest Poké-masterpiece plays off that last idea, only this time with the temperamental electric-type Voltorb!

Not only is the Voltorb sculpture a perfect replication of the bombastic Pokémon's angry face, it makes use of its electric charged move set to power up phones and other devices. It even appears to be quite cuddle-friendly!

In a making of video, you can see that Nendoyorishin masterfully crafted the brilliant Voltorb device using clay and incorporating a Apple MagSafe Charger to activate its charging ability.

Be sure to follow Nendoyorishin on Twitter and YouTube for more awesome and practical Pokémon artwork.

By - Big Neko.