Japanese variety brand Felissimo have shown us that they know a thing or two about witchy fashion with their magic club range, which is often inspired by the magical girl genre of anime and manga.

Now their expertise has even been directed at a collection directly based on one of the most popular magic girl series of recent years.

The distinctive dark world and art style of Madoka Magica is captured perfectly with this lineup of clothing and accessories, released to celebrate the new edition of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica movie, Rebellion. Many of the items are based on the Nutcracker Witch and her various minions, like this suitably bewitching long skirt.

There’s elegant lacy socks featuring the Nutcracker Witch’s guard, available in black, purple or wine red.

The red spider lily is used as a motif for the Nutcracker Witch’s character design, so it has been rendered as a gorgeous hair accessory for this collection.

Tote bags have also been created that feature scenes from the movie.

Apart from clothes and accessories, there’s also items for your home. Glasses starring various witches and their minions are on offer, and when filled with water the design gets distorted giving a creepy effect which is perfectly in line with the anime’s freaky witch battle scenes.

The Rose Garden Witch's minions even appear on a tissue box cover, all lined up in a row.

There’s also things to eat included in the collection, with marshmallows fittingly inspired by Bebe, the Dessert Witch. They can be eaten on their own or used to decorate parfaits and other sweet dishes.

The whole collection along with prices and sizes can be checked out on the Felissimo website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.